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Do You Know the Brain Processes Visuals
60,000X Faster Than written words?

Amazing right?! A little research we recently did also has it that
brands and businesses with an explainer video in their websites have 67% lesser bounce rates than a brand that doesn’t. You know what this means? It means that there’s a higher conversion rate when you have a video
explaining that particular product or service you render in your website or funnel.

2D videos not only visualizes your words, but makes it easier to understand. Copywriting can do a superb work of conversion on landing pages and the rest but when your page visitors click on that CTA which will take them to a sales page, it can get boring sometimes.

When it comes to a sales page, a lot of explanation and clarification is needed because so many words are needed to describe the product/services and its advantage or capabilities through persuasion. Which is why recently, a lot of brands slip in little explanatory videos as substitute options for people who don’t have the time to read through; which happens to be 70%.

Wow, What Do I need to do!

We Offer These Types of 2D
Animation Services…

Whiteboard Animation

This is the very common animation video where a hand writes
or sketches the information that you need to be relayed,
on a whiteboard.

Many people use it because it’s quite simple and fun to watch.
It gives this sort of engaging and captivating motion, and carries
clients along and longing to know what that creative hand will
put up next.

2D animation

Here, cartoon characters in two-dimensional animations, tell
the story and pass the messages to your target market. They
are often used for products which are somewhat complex
and need proper elaboration on the its uses.

So what we do uniquely is, we get your peculiar needs,
requirements and specifications on how what your amazing
videos to look like and then we give our usual affordable prices
for quality results.

Interactive videos

Here, just like the name, we’d make you an explainer video
where your viewer can even interact with you, basically
answering questions and laying opinions. How amazing is
that?! Your viewer gets to communicate with whatever the
video’s message is. It’s sometimes a more recommended
video type because it engages the client even deeper than
the others.

Info-graphic Animations

Unlike the 2D, the info-graphics are barely focused on characters
but rather shapes and elements. Either ways, they still do the major
job of conveying the right messages in 2D renderings and different
styles and patterns and most times usually includes motion graphic.
It’s mostly used for services generally base on ideas or concepts.

3D Animation

There you have it, we saved the best for the last! The
almighty 3D animation videos, built in 4 planes of spaces,
vertical, horizontal, forward and backward angles, this is
a more professional and realistic form better than the 2D.

Although it requires a lot of dedication and work input, we
at INTERRACTIVV don’t find it as hard or stressful as others
say because we’ve mastered and understood the perfection
needed in 3D animation.

Why us? Well, Because…

Need Some Proof? Check This Out…

Be a part our success stories today and Let us fix you something that will turn up your conversion rates from “mehh…” to “mehvelous!” Get it? Haha!

APPS GONE VIRAL - Infographics Explainer

Interactivv - APP Infographics Animation

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Black book v6

Interactivv - Motion Graphics Animation

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Interactivv - Motion Graphics Animation

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Motion Graphic Tech video

Interactivv - Motion Graphics Animation

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Pantryboy - Motion Graphics Explainer

Interactivv - Motion Graphics Animation

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Tabadul Arabic Vimeo upload

Interactivv - Motion Graphics Animation

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pearl theme voice v1

INTERACTIVV - Interaction Explainer Videos

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INTERACTIVV - Interaction Explainer Videos

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INTERACTIVV - Process Explainer Videos

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Graphic animation for Endocrine Society

INTERACTIVV - Presentation Explainer Videos

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Motors theme

INTERACTIVV - Website Interaction Explainer

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Pearl theme voice v1

INTERACTIVV - Interaction Explainer Videos

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Shoptrace v5

INTERACTIVV - Interaction Explainer Videos

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Travel Around The World In 13 Days - Animated Infographic

INTERACTIVV - Interaction Explainer Videos

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2D Motion Explainer - Responsive Design

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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Graphic animation for Aon Affinity

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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Graphic animation for Utility Answers LLC

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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Minoximed asia v1

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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Property Management Motion Graphic

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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REWIND VN Animation 2018

INTERACTIVV - 2D Infographics Explainer

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3D Artist Showreel


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Arabal_Version v2 loop


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csct v9 EN


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Graphic animation for Transformative Wave


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Animation Explainer Video Motion Graphics Whiteboard Animation

INTERACTIVV - Whiteboard Animation

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INTERACITVV - Whiteboard Animation

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How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation

INTERACITVV - Whiteboard Animation

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The Oil Industry Whiteboard Animation

INTERACITVV - Whiteboard Animation

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Whiteboard food

INTERACITVV - Whiteboard Animation

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Who Are We? We’re

At INTERACTIVV, our customers grow super-fast from being just clients to promoters and sometimes friends. We’re a big team of talented, creative and hardworking people who came together to provide beautiful, mind-boggling and profitable results through all-rounder digital marketing solutions for our clients and explainer videos are part of our large stock in trade.

We’re so excited you’re here and impressed on how far you’ve scrolled through our page and got to this part, we can’t but wait for you to hit a button below and reach out to us and let’s make you some cash through massively converting videos.

And What Makes Us Different
from The Others?

Top-notch and high standard quality at affordable prices, is a very scarce combination we bet you can’t easily find anywhere else! Asides the fact that we give a platform to our customers for unlimited reviews and feedbacks, we never stop combing your preferences with our quality until you look at your webpage and you’re so impressed you might tear up! Awww.

We’re a happy team and give a lot of time for communication for you reach out when convenient on both sides and we always wrap up on time and meet conditions before your requested due date. I’d love to become a part of your amazing team and we hope to hear from you soon.

I’m Ready To Take Action!

Convert with Stories.

In these 3 stages, we make you videos that speaks your brand, target audiences, maximizes your platforms and does the finishing job of converting leads. You need a video that

Psychological Interruption.

Firstly, we start by creating the first seconds to aggressively grab the attention of your prospect. Those first few seconds of your video highly determines whether that visitor will stay and watch till the end of if the video or be disappointed and bounce off.

Creativity and psychological influences are required which is a specialty very hard to find but which we awesomely deliver.

Visual Processing.

Now we’ve got their attention, the video content has to keep up closely with the similar energy that kept them in the first place. A prospect will be even more angry and disappointed in your brand if they get engaged for nothing important. They may feel baited into your video that isn’t interesting or fascinating. Give them a few seconds and they’re off and might never trust your brand again!

At INTERACTIVV, we put all in place to engage, we’ve dealt with a lot websites and a lot of clients as well, and we understand the psychological behavior of prospects. We’d put that into use and then move to the next stage where we…

Deliver You A Photo-Realistic Walkthrough Animation.

It’s easy for everyone to tell a story, it maybe even something that really happened, true. But the question is… How interesting is your story?

Stories serve as emotional connections, and no doesn’t necessarily need make you cry or sad, but a happy story or a story with a lesson, as long it’s realistic, can easily persuade someone who probably was in a similar case, to try your solution, even if the story is fictional.

I’m ready for improvements!

We’d proud to see you’ve
got the best…

We’ve probably taught you some lessons on digital marketing and conversion, and you feel you could handle it yourself or hire someone who you feel is cheap. No, we’re not going to pressure you to patronize us.

But we only want the best for our clients so we try to help you save better and spend less. Which is why we’ll always advice that you stick to professionalism and quality for the best results or you might just end up spending even more to fix it.

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