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Remember, Safety First!

If you work with a hazard based industry like the medical practitioners, flight attendants, military, civil engineers and construction workers, micro biologists, lab attendants and many other similar jobs,
you’d understand that the nature of your job is risky.

Demonstrating hazardous actions before they happen is most times highly advisable in order to avoid future occurrences, but we all know that using a person or a living thing as a test drive, is way more risky and scary, which is why safety and health animations were made.

The importance of safety can’t be overemphasized, and using health and safety animations during evaluation of safety precautions has just too many advantages to be looked over!

Always Go All In To Protect
What You Love…

There are a lot much more you can do with animated videos that you can’t easily achieve with an ordinary video.

When it comes to Health & Safety Animation Videos, no matter what you offer in your company or business, you can always trust us to create you empowering videos that keep your employees, neighbors and the environment safe.

In animation production, a lot is exposure and experience is required, which is why at INTERACTIVV, it’s our known speciality to deliver credible and unique product, icon and character animation services.

We have an in-house Animation studio where we combine creative animation development expertise and the vast and practical work experience of mainstream EHS; to bring out amazing, result oriented Health & Safety Animated Videos.

Our EHS Experts are involved right from the conceptual phase, including detailed study of requirement, client procedures/ policies, analysis of purpose and key areas to be highlighted to achieve a perfect animated video.

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We Offer These
Safety Animation Types…

Fire safety animations

Fire safety training of staff is important in running a business
because it prepares and protects employees and customers
during a fire outbreak.

Safety animation videos are effective because they help in
training fire fighter recruits, illustrate possible circumstances
better, prepares audiences for emergency readiness, explain
DIY fire control situations hence reducing the effectiveness
of a destruction.

Industrial safety animations

This runs on a wide range of positive effects from protecting the
safety of staff during emergency situations to describing the
prospective dangerous possibilities of big and complex machines.

If you own a factory, then you should try our industrial safety
animations services in training your employees to understand
rescue and escape methodologies.

Safety induction videos

When you employ a new staff, safety induction comes in
very handy in putting them through trainings. It explains the
cultures, do’s and don’t of your organization, their
responsibilities and so on.

Getting training agencies or personnel to put them through
can be expensive or stressful especially if they’re to handle
a crucial role.

You already have the video at hand, make them watch your
safety induction videos, its like a future investment to reduce
future costs. So that even if you keep employing new staff
and your videos are still in your possession to guide them
and put them through.

Electrical Safety

It is the safety practice of staff who are exposed to working with
electrically powered equipments or machines.

Protect, secure and train your staff with clarifying electrical safety
animation videos which teaches them how to handle various types
of electrical hazards, Preventive measure to avoid electric hazards,
and the right steps to take after a related situation has already

Road Safety

Approximately 50 million road accidents occur every year and
claims about 1.35 million lives and leaving about 24 million
injured! Whether cyclists, pedestrians or motorists, the importance
of road safety is top notch!

If you intend on saving lives, educating individuals or your staff or
just your community on the importance of road safety, an explainer
animation video should be your best bet.

Elaborating the importance of traffic guidelines, how to handle a
road accident situation and many other related topics can be
treated in a road safety animation video.

PPE animation

Even with the world pandemic staring at us, companies which
offer the basic necessities of need to open for our survival. We
can’t freeze the virus not affect them and us who go out to
purchase, which is why we all need personal protective equipment

If your company is one of those saving lives, then you need to
educate your staff on the personal equipment

Let’s give you the best, in

At INTERACTIVV, we have our own Animation studio where we have over the years, produced a large number of professional health and safety animated videos for the utilities sector and other related industries.

We also take health and safety as a great subject for animated video production as it allows you to explore dangerous scenarios, use visual effects, whilst still delivering a professional branded end result.

And through effective script-writing and design plus collaboration with professional HSE experts, we've delivered effective health and safety training videos that engage with different audiences.

We are ready to deliver you creative and clear 2D and 3D HSE animations for your business, company or society.

We can't but emphasize on how we place our animations as a primary service and how we work together as a big team to achieve our mission of consistently delivering high quality, light hearted, relatable and effective 45 seconds or more video, after every project.

We can't wait for you to marvel you when you see what we can do. Let's get you started right away!

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4 Important Attributes, And Your
Project Is Ready…

We begin your project by taking a proper review on whatever information or document you feel is necessary to be added to the information type you want to relay. We capitalize on our experiences in dealing with human psychology to create you videos that:

Control Health And Safety Script And Messaging

It’s one of the major points of the video, to aid control health and safety. We would partner with you to design you a light-hearted yet professional script which passages the appropriate and key health and safety messages.

Depict Dangerous Situations

Instead of using your self or someone else as a test drive for hazards for demonstration or maybe even when they happen or just trying to create a picture in their minds, put animation characters in the dangerous situations to describe different approaches.

Whether it needs to be highly emotive or slap stick the right approach for your effective health and safety video campaign and brand, animations got you! -

Use Visual FX

We move ahead to add special effects like fire smoke, electricity and many other realistic effects need to add a live action filmed in health and safety scenarios.

These effects have a way of giving your business that modern animated visual look which in turn takes your video standard to a higher level and adds a wholesome value.

Make Engaging psychological effects.

Finally, we add a useful amount of your brand’s colour and extra creative designs and ideas then bring in character.

With environments and situations to look so realistic in such an engaging and fun way that your audiences will definitely have fun watching. Your videos stay professional yet are attention grabbing, easy to learn and understand way better than presentations.

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