3D Animated Videos to Improve Workplace Safety

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Workplace safety has always been a matter of paramount importance for every business. Laws regarding workplace safety and potential hazards require businesses to properly train their staff, especially when handling equipment that can potentially cause injuries. Figuring out the best way to train workers on workplace safety can sometimes seem a daunting task. Don’t worry, a professionally create animated safety video can get this done with ease. 3D animation videos are currently one of the best ways to train employees on workplace safety.

Why is it important to promote workplace safety?

Let’s quickly go over why every business needs to promote workplace safety:

  • It’s only ethical to make sure your employees don’t get injured or land in other hazardous situations while at work. Workplace safety is one of the biggest yet most underrated responsibilities of a business owner.
  • Accidents in the workplace can result in downtimes, especially if they’re followed by investigations. This would cause the business to lose money.
  • A safe work environment can boost workplace productivity. This, in turn, ensures better returns for the business.
  • Workplace safety is especially indispensable in certain industries where accidents can lead to disasters. This explains why the demand for safety animation videos for oil & gas is so high.
  • Equipment damaged due to a workplace accident can sometimes be quite expensive to repair or replace.
  • The business might potentially be liable for property damage, injuries, or loss of lives occurring due to an accident.

Getting all the employees properly trained for a safe working environment is a must; there’s no way around it.

Common workplace safety training challenges

Despite the significance of workplace safety, businesses aren’t always able to train their employees properly. This issue stems from a number of challenges:

  • Safety manuals provided to employees often remain unopened. At most, they might just skim over it.
  • Workers may not pay much attention during safety training or when watching training videos if they find it too boring.
  • It can be quite hard to demonstrate specific real-life scenarios with relatively conventional means of safety training.
  • Thorough training on using large industrial equipment might take time. Naturally, a waste of time is a waste of money in any industry.
  • Safety training videos may sometimes be unclear, such as when showing small components in a large piece of equipment.

These challenges have made safety training hard even for businesses that want to maximize workplace safety. Thankfully, 3D animated videos offer a way out of all these problems.

How does 3D animated safety training work?

3D animated safety training videos are similar to regular training videos created by recording the content, except that the former is computer-generated. Rather than recording the video in the real world, professionals can create it in a virtual three-dimensional world. They can even create detailed 3D models of all the equipment. A business can get as many 3D animated safety training videos as needed and share them with the employees as and when needed.

How does 3D animation help tackle the challenges of workplace safety training?

You might be wondering how 3D animation can train your employees better. Well, let’s dive right into it and see how it helps tackle workplace safety training challenges:

  1. These videos are interesting

The most obvious advantage of 3D animated videos is that it helps override the first challenge listed earlier. Unlike safety manuals, these videos can be quite interesting and therefore compel the employees to pay attention while watching. The meticulous use of sound effects and unique video effects makes these videos much more entertaining and attention-grabbing than regular videos.

  1. Easy to create different scenarios

Unlike videos shot in the real world, it’s much easier to create various possible scenarios using safety video animation. For instance, if you had to train the employees on how to deal with an accidental fire, it’s far more feasible to make a detailed 3D animated video showing the scenario in detail. This also makes it easy for the employees to comprehend the training, as opposed to verbal briefings using imaginary scenarios.

  1. It saves time

On-site training can take up a lot of time, besides engaging the person who has to deliver the training. It’s much more efficient to send the training video to the employees beforehand so that they can watch it whenever they’re free. Of course, they might still need some on-site training, but it’ll take far less time this way.

  1. Detailed videos

The level of detail that can be created using 3D animation is truly a wonder. If the safety training involves explaining the working of specific components, these videos can be quite helpful. When making a 3D animated video, a safety animation video production company can zoom into various features or even show internal components. This helps ensure that the workers can fully understand the training material.

  1. Training with 3D animation is convenient

Ultimately, it’s extremely convenient to train your employees through the use of 3D animated videos. These videos lighten the job for the onboarding team, allowing them to work more efficiently too. Besides, you can get these videos made at rather reasonable costs. All factors considered, it’s a win-win for both the business and its employees.


So, there you have it – 3D animated videos can make it much easier for a business to train and update its employees on workplace safety tips. The fact that it doesn’t take a huge investment makes it cost-effective and ensures good value for money too. Look for a reputed safety animation video production company, get in touch with them, and discuss your requirements. Accordingly, they can give you an estimated quote and you can decide whether to work with them.

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