Details About 3D Character Animation Videos

3D Character Animation Videos

3D character animation is currently one of the hottest trends in the field of marketing and brand building. If you follow advertising trends or simply keep track of the most brilliant ads published in recent times, you have probably noticed this too. In case you are considering whether to use such videos for your own business, you have landed on the right page.

What exactly is a 3D character animation video?

You likely know already what an animation video is – it refers to computer-generated videos made by animating virtual objects rather than shooting a video in real life. While animation used to exist only in two dimensions for a long time, 3D animation eventually came into being and rapidly gained popularity.

The basic concept remains the same, except that 3D animation uses three-dimensional objects, just like recorded videos. With the evolution of animation technologies, it didn’t take long for 3D character animation to emerge either. 3D character animation involves modeling characters in 3D and using them as objects in the video. Modern 3D character animation videos may look extremely realistic and even show details such as facial expressions and emotions.

How are 3D character animation videos made?

When you come across a masterpiece of a 3D character animation video, you might wonder how someone could possibly create it on a computer. Well, it’s true that 3D animation isn’t easy and involves a complex process. The process of making a 3D character animation video has three main steps:

1. Modeling and rigging

First of all, one needs to create 3D models of the video’s characters. A 3D model is basically a 3-dimensional map comprising grids, points, and lines that the computer sees as geometric shapes. While plenty of 3D objects and characters can simply be obtained from the internet, there’s no choice but to design unique characters separately. This step also involves rigging – designing a controllable skeleton and attaching it to the 3D model.

2. Layout and animation

Once the 3D models are ready, it’s time to create the layout of the video and place all the 3D characters in their respective places. Animating the characters and other objects is the next step that follows. The rough draft comprises sharp and unnatural movements that are perfected later, in the next stage.

3. Rendering

Lastly, the 3D animation artist will render the final video from the animated draft. Known as rendering, this process involves adding color and texture to the 3D models created earlier. The animations get much smoother and more natural too, and the professional will add details such as lighting, camerawork, etc.

With that, the main production of the video is over. The addition of the sound-effects, voiceovers, special effects, and other details takes place during the post-production stage. Each stage in the process of making a 3D animation video requires a variety of software and tools. Professionals use specialized tools depending on the requirements of the project.

How much does a 3D character animation video cost?

Are you skeptical about the idea of using 3D character animation videos because they might be too expensive to make? Don’t worry, they’re actually quite affordable and cost-effective. It’s impossible to give you an accurate estimate here as the cost would depend on factors such as the duration, content, and level of detail. You can always contact a reputed 3D character animation company, discuss the project, and ask for a quote.

Shooting a video not only requires you to hire actors, but you also need to consider the expenses of renting high-end cameras and other equipment. These, together with other associated costs often make quality video ads very expensive to shoot. However, you could simply avoid these expenses by making a 3D character animation video instead, which would be far cheaper.

One of your biggest advantages in this regard is that a good 3D animation company can come up with something that fits your budget.

Is 3D character animation good for branding?

Incorporating 3D character animation videos into your branding strategy is a great idea. Firstly, an animation video capable of capturing the viewers’ attention ensures that people will notice your brand. Secondly, you can add unique brand details to the video that will make your brand more prominent. For instance, you can use your brand mascot as a character in your videos or simply come up with an interesting and impactful character that people can relate to your brand.

How to find a good 3D character animation video company?

Finding the right company for the production of your 3D character animation videos can prove a little challenging as every company claims to be the best. When looking for a 3D character animation company, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Reputation: You’d certainly want to work with a company that carries a good reputation. Even if it costs you a little more, hiring a reputed company is far better than working with a company that’s not so well-known.


  • Portfolio and track record: Before you hire a 3D character animation video company, you need to make sure they have handled projects like yours in the past. Ask about their completed projects and check out their portfolio to get an idea.


  • Professionalism: Whenever hiring a third-party service for your business, it’s advisable to ensure they meet your standards of professionalism. Go through their website, check client reviews, and talk to them directly to check if they are professional in their approach.


  • Clarity of terms: You should always stay away from shady companies that give you vague information on their terms and may potentially charge hidden fees. Look for a company that’s transparent and upfront with you.


Well, we hope you found this article useful and that it has answered all your queries regarding 3D character animation videos. Explore the reputed companies that offer this service in your region and check with the best ones about the project at hand.

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