Advantages of Having a Standard Operating Procedure Explanatory Video

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Onboarding new employees or training existing employees for new tasks can often prove to be a challenge. After all, simply giving them orders isn’t enough – you also need to provide them with detailed instructions on how to perform a given task. Proper training can help employees perform routine tasks more autonomously, and thus be more productive. The use of safety video animation has already become quite widespread, and standard operator procedure videos are gaining popularity too. These videos can make smoothen the entire onboarding process and ensure better performance from the employees.

Why are standard operating procedures (SOPs) so important?

A standard operating procedure (SOP) comprises step-by-step instructions on how to perform a task effectively, adhering to the company’s norms and standards. Thus, SOPs ensure smooth and flawless functioning while making the employees more productive. Managers can work more efficiently too when they don’t have to spend all their time supervising the employees or correcting mistakes.

Now, while SOPs used to be handed out in the form of printed manuals in the past, times have changed. A growing number of companies are now making use of instructional videos to train employees on their standard operating procedures. Besides, an SOP may also include an animated safety video to reduce the chances of workplace accidents.

7 advantages of using SOP videos

Before you invest in making videos to cover the standard operating procedures, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. Let’s check out how a business can benefit from having SOP videos:

1. Visual demonstration

The biggest advantage of using standard operating procedure videos is the visual demonstration they offer. It’s far easier to follow instructions with clear demonstrations rather than a list of steps on a piece of paper. Using animation videos, you can provide them with detailed visuals of how to carry out a task or follow safety protocols.  This makes the SOP much more successful at serving its purpose. Although you could provide the same training in person too, the whole point of a standard operating procedure is to allow the employees to refer to it as needed.

2. Interesting

Another factor that makes standard operating procedure videos much more effective than written SOPs is that the former generates more interest. Let’s face it – reading a long list of instructions is quite boring and it’s easy to lose focus midway. On the other hand, videos are far more engaging and help capture the interest of the viewers. This is especially true for well-made animated videos with the right selection of special effects. You can train your employees better when they’re actually interested in the training material.

3. Improved safety

Using standard operating procedure videos to train the employees helps adhere to safety standards. This is why the use of safety animation videos for oil & gas or other industries with high risks involved is becoming so popular. These videos not only help build a safer work environment for the employees but also enable the company to avoid losses incurred due to damaged equipment. Contrary to text-based SOPs, videos don’t leave much space for misinterpretation of instructions either.

4. Accessibility

Providing the employees with SOP videos also allows them to access the training material any time they need. They can quickly refer to a video file saved on their devices anytime they need to. This further eliminates the chances of errors and makes sure that they can follow the instructions flawlessly. New employees are therefore less likely to make mistakes due to forgotten instructions.

5. Integration of text

While video tutorials are beneficial, some simply find it easier to read and comprehend text instructions. You can integrate both in a standard operating procedure video. Besides the audiovisual demonstration of the process, you may also include text-based slides or flowcharts of step-by-step instructions. This way, you can cater to both types of employees – those who prefer text and those who would rather watch a video. Besides, once they have watched the video demonstrations, they can simply skim through the text instructions for future reference.

6. Consistency

When explaining the standard operating procedures to the employees or briefing them, the interpretation may vary. For instance, different personnel handling the onboarding process might explain the same task differently. This can cause inconsistencies in the training received by the team as a whole. However, when you have a video SOP, you provide every employee with the same training material. The only variable would be their perception of the instructions, which can’t vary much as long as the video is clear.

7. Efficient

Last but not the least, the HR team can function more efficiently too when the company has a standard orating procedure video for new employees. By helping streamline and simplify the onboarding procedure, the video lightens the work for the HR team. This, in turn, saves the HR department the money and time they’d have to spend on onboarding. They can divert their attention to more pressing issues and carry out their tasks better.

How to get a standard operating procedure video?

Don’t worry, making an SOP video won’t require you to record detailed training videos at the workplace or edit them. In fact, you barely have to do anything besides communicating with a professional video production company and hiring their services. A well-established safety animation video production company can handle your requirements with ease, at reasonable costs. Just make sure to find a reliable one with a good portfolio and strong portfolio.

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