Animated Videos for Safety Training

Animated videos have certainly gained popularity in recent years, and not just for entertainment purposes. These videos now find application even in completely professional settings to impart a variety of information. Safety videos are one such major application of animated videos. A growing of number companies in the oil and gas industry or other sectors with potentially risky operations use animated videos for this purpose. If you have ever wondered why safety animation video for oil & gas is gaining popularity, this article is for you.

Advantages of using animated videos for safety training

Using animated videos for training purposes is obviously a modern and sophisticated way to go about it, but what exactly does it offer? Well, there are several perks to carrying out safety training through the use of animated videos:

1. Thorough and comprehensive

One of the biggest advantages of safety video animation over a verbal presentation is the comprehensiveness of the former method. Professionals can create detailed animated videos that are thorough and cover all the points very well with visual demonstrations. It’s simply impossible to match the level of detail through a simple verbal briefing. The animation will help present various scenarios with ease, helping the viewers get a better understanding.

2. More convenient than recording videos

When making safety training videos for your employees, you also have another option – shooting the videos in real life. You could simply have someone demonstrate the steps in real-time and record it, right? Well, while this method sounds simple, creating animated videos is far more convenient. Besides the hassle and difficulties of shooting detailed training videos that are easy to follow, it can also be quite hard to recreate complex scenarios in real life. With animation, however, you have endless possibilities.

3. Easier retention of information

Animated safety training videos are also very effective as the viewers find it easier to retain the content in their minds. For instance, it’s much easier to retain audiovisual content than a verbal briefing, since the visual cues make it easier to remember. Animated content is also easier to retain than videos shot in real life, as it can be hard to present complex details through the latter. A reputed safety animation video production company can easily make a video that would be easy for the viewers to remember.

4. Detailed understanding

Another reason why animated safety training videos are highly effective is that they offer a detailed understanding of the concept. These videos can help visualize details that would be impossible to record in real life. For instance, an animated video can show the working of the internal components of a complex piece of machinery and what can happen in the event of a safety breach. It’s naturally easier to remember something that you can understand properly.

5. Cost-effective

While hiring a safety animation video production company would cost you a decent sum of money, it will prove to be cost-effective. Especially if you have to cover a wide variety of complex scenarios, shooting training videos in real life can be much more expensive. Especially if you consider how much time animated safety training videos can save, they’re indeed a good investment.

6. Greater engagement

Keeping the viewers engaged is one of the biggest challenges of an in-person briefing or presentation for safety training. Unless the presenter is really good at it, the viewers can quickly lose interest or get distracted. However, you won’t have this problem with high-quality animated videos. Professionally designed videos in this format are extremely engaging, with immersive graphics and sounds. You can even get it customized for the company’s work culture.

7. Greater accessibility

It’s far easier to incorporate an animated safety video in the onboarding process than a conventional in-person briefing. You don’t need to go through the hassle of training every new employee that joins the company. Simply send them the training video beforehand to watch. The employees find this easier too, as they are able to watch the video at a time and place of their choice. They can go through it in their free time when they’re able to concentrate on it properly.

8. Quick reference

This is somewhat related to the previous point regarding greater accessibility. An animated training video is easy to access for reference if the need arises. For instance, nobody carries around a safety manual every day. In case an employee forgets something important from the safety training, he/she can quickly refer to a video saved on the phone.

9. Easy to fit plenty of information

Lastly, animated training videos make it easy to cover a variety of safety tips. You can fit several pages’ worth of safety instructions in a video that is only a couple of minutes long. This not only helps train the employees without boring them out but also proves to be more efficient.

How to make animated safety training videos for your team?

As you can see, you would undoubtedly benefit from incorporating animated training videos for your employees. If you aren’t familiar with safety video animation, you might be wondering how to go about it. Well, your easiest and smartest move would be to hire a professional company that specializes in making such animated videos. The leading companies in this field have ample experience in making safety training videos for the oil and gas industry. As long as you hire a reputed service, it should go along smoothly.

Safety Video Animation

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