Are Animated Videos for Safety Training useful?

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Figuring out the best way to deliver safety training to your employees can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the perks and drawbacks of each method. If you have been exploring your options, you have likely come across safety video animation as one of the increasingly popular methods. Not sure whether animated safety videos are useful? Well, going through this article should fix it. Read on to get a thorough understanding of whether it’s a good idea to use animated videos for safety training. 

Effectiveness of animated safety training videos

While you might be familiar with the concept of video animation, the idea of using it for safety training might be new to you. Let’s check out well how animated safety training videos fare in different aspects. 

  • Comprehensiveness

When it comes to safety training, every relevant point should be covered. Skipping any of the guidelines can potentially increase the chances of an accident due to an employee being unaware of a hazard. Well, animated videos do quite well in this regard and you can cover pages of information in a very short video.  This is one of the reasons why safety animation video for oil & gas is getting popular. Safety training in the oil and gas industry is often a challenge due to the large number of guidelines to cover, and animated videos are the perfect solution to it. 

  • Clarity

So, you can cover a lot of information in an animated video, but would it be clear enough for the viewers? Crunching loads of information in a video won’t be of much use if the viewers cannot understand it properly. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem with 3D animated safety training videos. As long as you get the video made by professionals who know what they’re doing, it will be quite clear and concise. In fact, well-made animated videos are much clearer than recorded videos. 

  • Generating interest

For a safety training video to be successful, the viewers need to find it interesting. Nobody likes to sit in front of a screen watching a boring video – they’ll likely zone out and miss important stuff. With an animated safety video, capturing and retaining the attention of the viewers is quite easy. This is because one can be extremely creative when making an animated video and incorporate unique ideas. Various audiovisual effects help too. 

  • Detail

One of the biggest perks of using animated videos for safety training is that these videos can provide an impressive level of detail. You can integrate infographics in an animated video to provide the videos with detailed information as and when needed. Besides, professionals making a 3D animation video can carefully zoom in and emphasize specific parts of complex equipment. They can even customize colors or show the visuals of various internal parts to make sure every detail is covered. 

  • Communication

Animated safety training videos also do great at communicating instructions and ideas to the viewers. You can provide voiceovers throughout the video, add subtitles, or even include various visual cues. For instance, you may integrate an animated video with colorful and attractive columns of Do’s and Don’ts or add flowcharts with safety instructions. This way, you can be 100% sure that the video will get your point across to the viewers.

  • Costs

You might be wondering about the costs associated with making an animated safety training video. While this depends on the length of the video, its content, and the amount of work it would take, you can rest assured that it would be quite cost-effective. In fact, making an animated video is often much cheaper than shooting a detailed training video in real life. A well-established safety animation video production company Dubai can provide you with reasonably priced services. 

  • Convenience

Of course, you’d want to choose a safety training method that is convenient for the company as well as the employees. Animated videos once again tick the box – using them for safety training is both efficient and convenient. Firstly, you won’t have to put in much effort besides communicating with the production company. Neither would you need employees to train new members in the team. You can simply send them the videos, which they can watch whenever they feel convenient. 

As we can see here, animated safety training videos are great in every aspect. They offer an interesting, cost-effective, and successful way to train new employees on your safety guidelines. These videos are hands-down very useful and worth opting for.

Where can you get professional animated safety training videos?

Worried that it can be difficult to get animated safety training videos made for your company? Don’t worry, it’s rather easy. Once you find a good animation video production agency, they can deliver all the videos you need. The challenge, however, lies in finding the best safety animation video production company Dubai. Here’s what you should look for:

  • You’d want to work with a well-established company that has been around for a while and has enough experience in making safety training videos. When you find a company you like, you may ask about their previous projects or even request to check their portfolio or samples. 
  • Make the company has a good reputation in every aspect. Professionalism, company size, quality of work, transparency – it’s all important. Avoid working with a company that doesn’t satisfy even any one of these criteria. 
  • Before you enter a contract for your animated safety video, you’ll want to ensure that the company is being upfront about the costs. There should be no hidden charges that may add to the expenses later on.

As long as you get the videos made by a skilled and experienced team of professionals, it should work out perfectly. Investing in high-quality animated safety training videos is every bit worth the money.

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