Top Tips For Creating Dynamic Safety Induction Videos

Workplace safety happens to be of paramount importance, regardless of the industry you operate in. Accidents occurring from carelessness or simply the lack of knowledge of safety measures can result in major hazards. Depending on the nature of the accident, it may even cause the loss of lives or significant property damage. This is why an increasing number of companies are using animated safety videos as a part of their induction process.

What is a safety induction video and why is it necessary?

The process of onboarding new employees can be quite hectic and complex, both for them and the employer. Besides introducing new employees to their teams, it also involves showing them the roles and explaining the workplace policies to them. Among all these bits of information, it’s easy to overlook crucial safety tips.

Handing your employees a manual with all the health and safety instructions won’t work either. Let’s face it – people rarely go through manuals. However, a good video on the topic can inform them on all the necessary points and easily impart the necessary information. For instance, a safety animation video for oil & gas can cover all the relevant safety concerns and precautions to follow while holding the viewers’ interest at the same time.

Tips on making dynamic safety induction videos

Now that you know why these videos are necessary, let’s check out how you can create them. Below are some tips on making a good animated safety video:

  • Hire a reputed video production company

Firstly, making a dynamic video involves professional production. Hire a reputed safety animation video production company Dubai to get it done. After all, creating animated videos requires one to have a specific set of skills in the field. You cannot just record the content, unlike a regular video. Such tasks are better left to experienced professionals than in-house teams. Besides their specialized expertise, a leading video production company also uses the latest animation tools and technologies.

  • Make it clear and concise

Nobody enjoys watching lengthy instruction videos. If your safety induction video is repetitive or drags on a topic unnecessarily, it’s easy for the viewers to lose interest. These videos should always be clear and to the point. This not only helps the video hold the viewer’s attention until the end, but also makes the content easier to understand and remember. Hence, a clear and concise animated safety video is more effective in every way.

  • Explain the safety tips properly

When you need to keep the safety induction video concise, don’t let that prevent you from explaining the necessary points properly. For instance, if there are major safety protocols to follow during a certain process or in the event of a safety breach, make sure to elaborate on all the steps. One of the biggest advantages of safety video animation is that you can easily demonstrate the steps without making it too lengthy.

  • Keep it engaging

Of course, all your work on the induction video will go to waste if the employees stop watching it midway or simply don’t pay much attention to it. Keep the video as interesting and engaging as possible to capture their attention. For instance, while a safety animation video for oil & gas is a serious matter, you can always take a personalized approach. Do not use complex jargon or terms – the video must be easy to understand. This paves the way for a more dynamic way of communication through the video.

  • Make it relatable

This is somewhat linked to the previous point. A safety induction video will be much more engaging when the audience can relate to it. Use real-world examples in your video. This will help make it more relatable to the viewers. In this regard, you should also remember to use localized content in the safety induction videos. For large companies that operate across various regions or even different countries, it’s best to create different videos for each region.

  • Branding

Remember, the most important part of the onboarding process is to help new employees get familiar with the company and its workplace culture. You should do this via every medium possible, including safety induction videos. Focusing on your brand not only makes the video more dynamic and personalized, but also promotes the business culture. It helps develop a spirit of teamwork and encourages new employees to help the company grow.

  • Use high-quality videos

Lastly, the quality of your safety induction videos is more important than you might think. A poor-quality video with a monotonous voice-over can quickly lose the interest of the audience. The viewers will be more likely to zone out and miss important videos. However, a safety animation video production company Dubai can create videos that stand out both in terms of visuals and audio quality.

Topics to cover in a safety induction video

As mentioned earlier, your safety induction videos must cover all the necessary bits of information. The topics to cover in a safety induction video vary from one industry or business to another. Below are some of the topics that you might want to cover:

  • Chemical spills
  • Health and safety
  • First aid
  • Reporting accidents
  • Choking protocols
  • Handling foods
  • Manual handling
  • Lifting and carrying heavy weights
  • Accident response
  • Workplace-specific precautions

These are only some of the potential safety topics that your induction videos should cover. Again, not all of them are relevant to every business. For instance, food handling is mostly relevant to food processing plants, restaurants, and other similar establishments. An oil and gas company, on the other hand, has to worry more about chemical spills and fire hazards.

Wrapping up

Now that you know what makes a great safety induction video, hopefully you won’t have much trouble creating them. As pointed out earlier, it’s imperative to work with a safety animation video production company Dubai to get the best safety induction videos. Check out the leading companies that offer such services and discuss your requirements with them until you find a suitable one.


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