Importance Of Animated Industrial Safety Video

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Industrial safety is vital in every vertical, and organizations often count on safety videos to demonstrate the right way of doing things. However, the room for improvement is always there, and that is how safety video animation came into being. Rather than making regular safety videos by recording them in the real world, companies are using computer-generated animation videos. Such training videos have already found use in numerous industry verticals.

5 reasons why animated industrial safety videos are so important

You might be wondering why, of all the potential means of training, animated safety videos are the best. Well, animated videos definitely offer a number of advantages when it comes to safety training. Especially in industrial settings with high risks involved, such as the marine industry, these videos can be of great help. Here’s why they’ve gained such importance:

  1. They are easy to understand

As opposed to recorded videos, which can sometimes be difficult to comprehend, animated videos are very easy to understand. This is because when creating an animated video, one can customize the 3D models completely to simplify them. For instance, it might be a little hard to understand regular training videos showing how to use a complex piece of equipment safely. A good animated video can highlight the relevant components and simply hide the rest.

  1. 3D animation is entertaining

A safety animation video for oil & gas is usually much more engaging than regular videos. As one can get infinitely creative with these videos, it’s possible to make the viewers feel involved and hold their attention. Especially when you add video and audio special effects, they will find it entertaining. This means they’d also be watching the video because they enjoy doing so, not just because they have to. Of course, this requires a well-made 3D animation video created by experienced professionals.

  1. It’s unique

The way your employees perceive your company is very important too. Their loyalty to the company depends on it. You’d want to provide them with a unique experience and help them feel their workplace is different from the rest. Incorporating 3D animated industry safety videos during the onboarding process is a good way to go about it. Besides helping the company stand out from the rest, it will also give the employees an impression of sophistication.

  1. It saves time

Using 3D animated videos for industry safety videos also saves a lot of time compared to demos, presentations, lectures, and other conventional methods. This is because even a 2-minute long video can easily cover many pages of information through audiovisual content. On the other hand, conventional training methods might not cover all the details when delivered in a rush. It is far more efficient to deliver safety training to industrial workers.

  1. 3D animation videos save you a lot of work

Creating training videos by recording them in real life can take a lot of effort. You’d have to procure the cameras and other necessary equipment, set up the training space, get the necessary personnel to deliver the training, and edit the video as needed. Contrarily, getting 3D animation videos is quite easy. You simply have to find a safety animation video production company that carries a good reputation. They can create all the videos you need, exactly the way you want them.

How should a safety animation video ideally be?

Simply creating a safety animation video isn’t enough – it should also tick certain boxes. The effectiveness of the video depends on this, and so does the safety of your employees, equipment, and property. Here are a few essential criteria that a safety animation video must meet:

  • Elaborative: It’s important that the employees understand the safety training provided to them. Hence, an animated safety video must be elaborate and explain the reasoning behind the safety instructions. This allows the employees to adhere to the guidelines much better.


  • Clear and concise: Any training video should always be clear and concise. The lack of clarity can make the video difficult to comprehend and cause the employees to miss out on important points. Besides, a lengthy video with unnecessary details and repetitive information can quickly get boring. A video that is to the point and concise is far easier to remember.


  • Proper visualization: The main reason behind using training videos rather than delivering a verbal briefing is that the latter lacks visual input. Naturally, the employees would receive the training much more effectively when they can see what they are being told about. A good 3D safety animation video must visualize everything in detail, including the equipment and any specific scenario.


  • Interesting: Unless the training material is interesting, the employees may not pay much attention to it. One should keep this in mind when making a 3D animation safety video and make sure it can capture the attention of the viewers. You can do this by being interactive and making use of various special effects.


  • Smooth: The only potential problem with animated videos is that they might seem too unnatural and irritating to watch if the movements aren’t smooth. Remember, it shouldn’t look like you got amateurs to make the safety training videos. A professional company should always use professionally created content. A well-made animation video would be smooth and free of glitches.


Where can you find professional 3D animation video services?

Don’t worry, finding reliable safety video animation services isn’t too difficult. You don’t need to employ a team of 3D animation professionals in your company to make the safety videos. Seek out a reputed safety animation video production company and get in touch. Talk to them about the project, work out a quote, and decide if you want to work with them. A professionally-crafted 3D animation video can make a huge difference in industrial safety training.

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