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Does My Business Really
Need a Mobile App?

An auto repairer once asked me, “I already have a website, is my business not too small to have an app?”
If you run a small business say a pizza shop, an ice cream shop or maybe even plumber or laundry services,
you need an app now better than ever!

Did you know that mobile phone users spend 18X more time in mobile applications than on the mobile
version of websites?.
Here are 3 unique reasons (among numerous) why your business needs a mobile app:
  • It’s an easier form of accessibility for your customers than a website.
  • It has a more convenient interface for better user habits.
  • In some businesses; like in music, gaming, and many others, your app has the offline user mode advantage.

Every Good Business Deserves a
Super Flexible App

If you own or intend on building a reputable and big business empire, the type of app essential for
your brand needs brains and minds filled with a whole lot of experience and requires standard
professionalism which we render in full at INTERACTIVV.

Our software programmers are experts who build Android and iOS apps that provide every important
feature that is uniquely needed to serve your type of audience so that we deliver an overall high quality
customer experience to our UI designers who…

Wrap up by creating beautiful unique UI designs that present the perfect representation of what your
amazing brand stands for and with every thing put in place, excellent user experience, gradual familiarity,
and proper interaction with your app, you have a very active and profitable user base in the end!

Where Do I Get Started?

We deliver
these services in style…

Apps for startup businesses

Startup businesses are becoming rampant by the day, if you’re
into one, we’re just behind you, cheering you into be becoming
a success that you are.

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well and
getting an app for your startup business is indeed worth doing
well. Let us be a part of your startup story by building you the
best iOS and Android mobile apps.

Apps for enterprises

Whether you run a large or small scale enterprise, we’ve got
you covered. There are modern ways to improve and update
your business proceeds through an app.

We do that by providing you with the right solutions to the great
and little but important details of your business-to-customer
transactions then implementing enhanced and approved features
that are suitable for your respective customer bases.

E-commerce apps

After we build and launch your online website store, by
providing a great user experience through proper branding
strategies, mind-blowing UI/UX, web design and converting
web content, We intergrate your website with your app, so
that they can easily place their orders and pay through your
e-commerce app we built.

Gaming apps

With billions of dollars rolling into the mobile application
gaming industries yearly, investing in games are worth a while.

To make money of game apps, user engagement has to be
your top priority. For user engagement, a game layout has to be
creative, functional, and of course possess a beautiful and
jaw-dropping design.

Which is where our UI designers officially work towards blowing
you away with awesome designs, product or character animations,
and top-notch creativity then with fast and credible functionalities
to make the gaming experience fun and engaging for its users.

Would you let us blow
your mind away?…

INTERRACTIVV; your one-stop, 360 digital solution providing company, has Mobile Application Development as one of its special services. Popularly known and based in Dubai, we still deliver our seasoned services that bring massive changes in various businesses, worldwide.

One of our aims is to not just supply optimum satisfaction to our clients but to also enlighten them on the best and modern ways to use high, guaranteed and advanced technologies to build their business into bigger and better success in this ever improving technological world.

Let’s put your business on the map and empower you with a glorious brand uplift and never have the chance to regret working with us because it’s going to be one of the best investments you would make for your business.

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Four Stages of Our
App Development Process.

Preview and discovery stage

This is the first and most important stage of any business partnership. This is where we discuss and figure out what your product or service is all about and decide on how to put it together with the necessary and guaranteed features needed in your app to be produced.

After which we’d be giving you a properly developed business logic alongside a proposal which lays out the project time frame, price estimate and a proposed tech stack.

Project Development Stage

This is the stage where most of the hard work is done. Once you have the prototype, our software engineers begin the mobile app development proper in which at each stage, they send you an update(a demo) for feedback, where to get the option of removing, adding or improving what ever you feel is best for your app.

App Launch

Once we’re done building your app, we add to your account or create an account for you on app stores (Apple Store or Play Store) where we upload your product for a product review. Then once approved by the publishers, your app is super ready to be launched as soon as you want to.

Customer Support stage

Most times after an app is launched, and the business gets bigger and better, little and advanced improvements are needed to accommodate and meet the needs of your bigger and more demanding audiences, for better customer services.

Which is why as the awesome team we are at INTERACTIVV - asides being the best option for your adjustments because we built your app - for every other service we deliver, we are always here as your hero to save you when help is needed.

Work with us to explore the great
and amazing things you can do
with an app because Everything
is Always Easier With An App!

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