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There’s Power In Number…

Literally, half of the internet users around the world probably have a handful of ideas on what digital marketing is all about. I mean it’s new and it’s modern and having about 4 billion people using the internet worldwide, there’s no better way to make the most out of your business than this.

While the internet gives such a wide platform to reach as many people as possible, there’s a sketchy part to it, the fact that it doesn’t matter whether small scale or large scale businesses, everyone gets to play on the same field.

Now you can easily communicate with a global audience through digital marketing but you are also up against global competition. It’s definitely going to be difficult trying to convince consumers online alongside hundreds of other businesses in your niche, rolling in messages to them the same way you are.

That’s where we come in…

Look No Further, Your Hero Is
Here To Save The Day!

We going to have the section where we brag about how much we’ve done with a lot testimonies as proof. But for now, what we do at INTERACTIVV is basically elevation. Whether it’s revamping that business you had given up on because it wasn’t yielding enough profits or simply because you want to enlarge your coast, we’re here for you.

Digital marketing sounds complicated and complex. It needs a lot of skills and training for you to successful thrive in whatever business you venture in but no matter what business you do, how expensive, weird or unique your product is, the active marketing strategies, It can still sell.

Let’s show you how we do that at INTERACTIVV…

Show Me How Please!!!

There a whole lot of
Digital Marketing strategies…

Marketing isn’t meant to be easy, if not, everyone would’ve been successful in their business And
because technology keeps improving, consumers keep expecting even better developments from us.

Knowing the skills and needs of your target audience sometimes isn’t easy either. That’s why digital
marketing is so wide it’s divided into 6 sections(which we regard)…

Content Marketing

You’ve probably read this far because you’re engaged in our
web content and hopefully understand thus far, that’s just
what a good content is meant to do.

A website is literally nothing without words to explain its
services, it’s that simple. Every other website in your niche also
has similar words, what makes yours different? it’s that difficult.

The main purpose of your web content to be of wholesome value,
easy to understand, engaging, relevant and convert where necessary.
That’s what we’re going offer you at a fair price just as soon as you
reach out to us.

Web Design

There two important things a website must have: a content
and a web design, I mean, what else will further engage your
visitors than a creative and fascinating web design?

Studies have it that visuals convert much more than words.
So when we build a beautiful page that not only has creative
content but a peculiar design that speaks your brand, you’re

Search Engine Optimization

When you search on Google or other search engines, the
reason you see those top results pop up out of millions or billions
of others is because of top-notch SEO writing skills. It requires
a lot of thinking and experience for your website to pull up top.

The advantages of your website, having a good SEO, are numerous.
Ranging from high increase in traffic on your websites, which
will in turn, gather you a lot of leads and customers, popularity
and promotion is something every business wants.

At INTERACTIVV, we’ve offered out clients the utmost best,
having their websites pop up Top 10 and Top 5, hence increasing
the traffic on your page.


Google ads, social media ads, TV ads, Radio ads, whatever
ads you could think of and creating whatever content that will
be sent out, everything has to be unique.

Promoting your brand on the right platforms where you get to
closely reach your target audience is also very key, and with all
experience we’ve got and will love to deliver, we’d help you push
out your business to as many people as possible at an affordable
and smart way

Email Marketing

After you’ve successfully promoted your pages and you’re
getting those many clicks you’ve always wanted, it’s always
advised to gather leads. Lead generation is a good way to
keep your page visitors close, whether or not the bought
your product.

Sending them specific emails periodically might just end
up making a visitor who wasn’t originally interested, become
a long term customer! When you work with us, we’d handle
all of that!

Social Media Marketing

Feel social media is a platform for connecting with people
and socializing and not for business? Where have you been?

With over 9 billion users worldwide, it’s a great a space for
you to reach out to your prospects and customers, in a more
humane way.

Research has it that sometimes people tend to get emotionally
attached to a product or service, not because of it’s price or what
it does, but because of how it was sold to them. Posting interactive,
fun contents, is a more confirmed way to connect with your clients.
We’d also be putting you through with that…

What makes
INTERACTIVV so special?

Well, we’d say why not taste and see? Not only are we a big team of talented and professional 360 solution providing digital marketing agency, Yes, you know it, Digital marketing is our stock in trade, we also keep close relationships with our customers.

Affordable prices and great results in return, is what we deliver the most. We also have this ‘never stop’ policy where we give unlimited opportunities for reviews so we don’t stop working till we’ve given you the best of best.

Leaving a comfortable time range for both of us to communicate, so you can always hop in anytime for advice, questions or clarification on what ever project we handled. We honestly can’t wait to be a part of your awesome team!

Check out some results sent
to us from our clients.


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Just 3 Steps Before We Deliver You
Amazing Results…

Refurbishing your brand or creating it from scratch, we deliver authentic and quality results either ways. It’s quite complex and complicated but we handle in every aspect in the most professional way.

Although there’s a lot is involved, we’ve summarized these steps to show you the stages before we deliver you splendor…

Preview and Analyzing

We start your project with reviewing every document you send to us. We go over your brand policy, story, colour and every other thing you need to be a part of your brand. We discuss project time frame and pricing. And then we get to work.

Handling and Processing

A whole lot of work is done here. Touching every bit of your specification, we channel our digital marketing super powers in creating you a brand new business, a business that will flourish with time.

In between, once we’re done with each section, we send in our progress for a review and feedback to ensure satisfaction in every way and we keep working to reach your taste till we are done and your project is ready to be launched.


Here, is where we wrap up. Send in to you for a final review of everything done and your brand is ready to be launched and of course, ready to make you some millions!

Like we mentioned earlier, if in between your project launch you feel to want to remove or add or make any form of adjustments, we’re always ready to fix that. And we’d await your testimonies and success stories because that’s what we live for.

I Need Profitable Renovations!

Are You Ready For
A Glorious Business Uplift?

Let’s boost your brand to stand high above your competitors!
Take advantage of the market today!

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